Want to divide two vendors profits by half and leave the other vendors totals alone

Greeting folks,
I would like to know if I can divide the profits of two vendors in half when I am calculating the total profit (we share the profits of two vendors with a sister company) so the CEO wants to see what the total of the month for my company minus the 50% of each of the two vendors.
Here is what I have so far:

[Measures].[Selling Price with expected close date]-
[Measures].[Cost Price with expected close date]

[Vendor].[Atlassian] /2 + [Vendor].[Obsidian Atlassian] /2
This bottom line works by its self, but not with the above two lines.

Can I do something like this?


We would always recommend using calculations when creating calculated members in “Measures” dimension. That would mean dividing both Selling and Cost prices by 2 to get the correct results for Vendor.

If I miss something, perhaps you could reach out to eazyBI support team with more details (and perhaps some sample of expected layout for your report) so they can help you with the calculation.

Martins / eazyBI support

Thanks Martin,

I will play with this today and let you know my results.

Kind Regards,

HI Martin,

I am struggling to figure out the order of the Measures and where Vendor fits in.

I have and am trying things like this:

[Measures].[Selling Price with expected close date]-
[Measures].[Cost Price with expected close date]

I have a number of vendors, but I want only the Atlassian ones divided by 2.

Does this calculated member go into the Vendors or in Measures?

Thanks for any help,


I believe, In this case, you would need to add a calculation that goes through the “Vendor” dimension members based on your report context (all dimensions and measures selected and filtered in the report).

Please reach out to eazyBI support with more details and your current report definition exported and shared

Martins / eazyBI support