Want to Filter Story Points Created/Closed by Initiatives that match value in custom field

I have a report that looks at story points created vs closed. I am selecting the ‘Initiative’ in the Issue → Advanced Roadmaps section (see screenshot). This returns ALL Epics in my project. I need to be able to add a custom field to the page so that I can filter on the values from that field to control the list that is returned. The field is called ‘Program Increment’ and it is on the Initiative.

However, when I add that field on the page and select a value, my report goes blank because that field is not on the Stories which are pointed. We know which stories they are because the Stories are linked to Epics which are then linked to Initiatives (parent link) for a given Program Increment.

What do I need to do in order to be able to select a sub-set of project Initiatives from a particular PI and see the story points created vs closed? Essentially I just want to filter on Initiatives via the PI field but then see the corresponding rolled up points.


Hi @drewwiseman
In eazyBI, you can import an issue link field dimensions that inherit the value down to child issues for issues in Sub-task, Epic, and Advanced Roadmap hierarchies. This option works for standard dimensions, like Label, Priority, Fix version, and a few others: Issue link field dimensions - eazyBI for Jira .

For other issue fields, there is an option to create a similar dimension as long as it is a single-select custom field. In that case, you may define a new JavaScript calculated custom field that would inherit the custom field value down to child issues.

See more information in this community answer:

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