Warranty Expiry in the next 30 days

Hey there,
Very new to EazyBI and trying to come up with some use cases to get this over the line.
I am importing ‘Assets’ (previously Insight) data into EazyBI which is very very easy and handy to be able to access.
I have already produced a couple of bar charts and such which is amazing, but I am struggling with counts.
In our hardware Object type we have hardware make, model, purchasing info etc and importantly we have Warranty Expiry Date.
I would like to create something that will show a list of assets that are going to expire in the next 30 days, so when this is on a dashboard it will always show a rolling 30 days from the current date dataset. Ideally then to be able to drill down into the asset to get more information.
I have the Warranty field as a measure, I have the objects and time in the rows but I just can’t get it all to hang together to give me a date and a number and then the option to drill down into that number to see what assets are there.

Is this achievable?

Many thanks.

Hi @Stelees

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To get a list of hardware with expiring warrant day soon, select Object dimension objects in the report rows and filter by Object Type = Hardware in the report Pages.
In columns, select the Object Hardware properties you are interested in, including Warranty Expiry Date.
On this date column, set a relative dates filter “between: now and 30 days from now” to filter only rows with a warranty date in this time period. Read more about date filters: Date filters

See a report example (I have object type Asset and asset warranty date).

Could it be a solution for you?

Ilze, support@eazyBI.com