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Hello community!

I need to retrieve the date when a worklog is set to “Waiting for Approval” to display it in an eazyBI report. How can I obtain this date? I tried using the calculated measure [Timesheet Status].[Waiting for Approval].Getdate(“update”), but it didn’t work.

Any suggestions or alternatives would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi @Miqueas_Milanesio,

The eazyBI app does not import status change history for worklogs.

I registered a feature request in backlog, but cannot predict when that might come closer to the development scope.
We will notify you once the feature request gets some progress.

You might consider looking into Tempo native reporting to find the figures.

Oskars / support@eazyBI.com

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Thak you @oskars.laganovskis ,

and there is no way to import it by API Rest ?

I could not find the option in Tempo REST API documentation.
You might try your luck somewhere here - REST API Tempo Timesheets.

Oskars / support@eazyBI.com

Thank you, @oskars.laganovskis,

I believe I’ve stumbled upon something useful here: https://apidocs.tempo.io/#tag/Timesheet-Approvals.
I’ll be exploring this further.

Best regards,
Miqueas Milanesio