Way to see EazyBI Dashboard for people who don't have EazyBI access

Hello Community,

Is there a way to share the EazyBi Dashboard (in JIRA) with people who don’t have EazyBI access?

Appreciate your help.


There are several options for sharing dashboards:

(1) If you want to share for JIRA users who are currently not using eazyBI, then it is possible to add them as dashboard viewers. The Owner or User admin of your eazyBI account and also JIRA admins can add those users and assign a Dashboard viewer role: Account users

To share outside JIRA:
(2) You can create a public access token for a report or dashboard. More detailed information here: Use public access token

(3) In the Dashboards section, you can export reports or whole dashboards manually and share them via email or other channels: Create dashboards

(4) You can also subscribe to the dashboards and later forward the email to persons who need to see it. (more about that here: Email subscription)