We tried to import issue links through advance settings in eazybi but some fields value is empty

Hi Team,

We are licenced user of eazybi,we have to generate report of linked issues along with custom fields.
We have imported issue link in advance seetings as mentioned below & it works as expected but it fails to import some values in the custom field & displays empty/none.

Script used in Advance settings: Gap issue linked with Epic issue
name = “Gap linked to Epic”
outward_link = “Gap associated to Req. (SR)”
multiple_values = true
dimension = true

Custom field values that displays none or empty

Help us to fix this issue as Priority!
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Revathy Madhavan

Scr1 – Epic linked to GAP

Scr2 – GAP linked to Epic

Values of Scr1 in application:


Value of Scr2 in application:


The properties for the Issue link dimensions should be accessed with a custom formula. The standard Issue properties have custom formulas behind them referring to the Issue dimension, so in your case, the formula should look like this:

[Gap linked to Epic].CurrentMember.get('GAP ID')


Janis, eazyBI support

Hi @janis.plume ,

Thanks for the update,its working as expected


Hi @janis.plume ,

Based on your previous update i have created two reports as mentioned below
1.Epic linked to Gap report
2.Epic Linked to DSDD report

Now i need the conslidated report by merging this two reports.

Can you help us to find solution for the below two analysis!
1. Generating the consolidated report
2.To create a report with all the Epics created that is the linked & non-linked issues in the same table.

Expected table:

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Thanks in Advance!


Hi Team,

Any update on the above?
We are licensed user of Eazybi,we have to fix this issue & update the requirement as soon as possible.
So please schedule a call for further update(on IST) & to resolve the issue.

Help us by priority