Week day count average

I have a request to count the number of certain weekdays in selected period. The reason to having it is I need to calculated the week day average created, closed, even commented on that certain week day.
For example, I would like to create a report which show that in last quarter, for each week day, how many average issues have been created.

Hi @Alex_Cheng

You may want to use Week Day dimension in the report rows to represent numbers by certain week days and Time dimension in Pages where you select the needed quarter, year, etc.

To calculate the average of created issues per week day in a time period, you would create the following calculated measure (in Measures):

 DescendantsSet([Time.Weekly].CurrentMember, [Time.Weekly].[Day]),
  DateinPeriod([Time.Weekly].CurrentMember.StartDate, [Time].CurrentMember)
  [Time.Weekly].CurrentMember.get('Week day name') = [Week Day].CurrentMember.Name
[Measures].[Issues created])

Use it in the report.
The report could look like the following:

If you still need to get the count of certain week days in the period, you would use the same Filter() expression and Count() aggregator instead of Avg().

Ilze, support@eazybi.com