What CurrentDateMember really do?

As shown on the document, it Returns the Time dimension hierarchy level member which contains current date.

But what current date really means on this context? If I used it in a tuple like this:

([Measures].[Average Work Completion (Last 4 Weeks)],

What this tuple means on this context?

Hi @Shenghan_Gao,

The CurrentDateMember, used with the Time dimension “Day” level, will display the value of the measure for today. For example, if you would use it in a tuple like below:

([Measures].[Issues created],

The result would be the count of issues created today for all the Time dimension members currently on rows. Please have a look at the picture below:

Even if you used the “Week” or “Year” level in the Time dimension in Rows, the calculation would display the count for today.

If you used the “Week” level in the calculation, it would display the count of issues created in the current week - the week that has the current date member in it.

Kind regards,
Roberts // eazyBI support

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That’s very helpful. It would be perfect of this explanation can be added document.

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