What hour is the start of day and what hour is the end of day?

I have a report configured to count the difference of workdays, and then that result I multiply by 9 (which is hour number of working hours a day) but the calculation of hours is wrong in some cases or maybe i’m reading it wrong, I want to now What hour is the start of day and what hour is the end of day? so I can count manually and see is the calculations are correct, I really need your help please.


I believe these are influenced by the timezone selected in the source data of each account:


Yes, @arama_mihai is correct about the Time zone configuration. eazyBI considers full working days from 12AM on Monday until 12PM on Friday based on the Time zone configuration.

With DateDiffWorkDays() function you can get how many workdays are between two dates, but not exact work hours between certain working hour start and end. We have an idea in our backlog fir defining working hours additionally to working days as well as DateDiffWorkHours() function.

I will update this post when anything new regarding this appears.
Lauma / support@eazybi.com

@arama_mihai, @andrea.mendez,

On Cloud and since eazyBI version 6.5, there is a new MDX function DateDiffWorkhours() that calculates the duration between two dates in working hours.
For more details please see the documentation: DateDiffWorkhours

Zane / support@eazyBI.com