What's the difference between Tuple and Descendants

I am quite confused regarding the descendants and Tuple. Do both functions aggregate issues by some issue property which is not available as dimension or measure or to apply complex filtering criteria?

Hi @Wenhao_Zhang!

Descendants is a set function that returns all children of the current specified level down to a specified level. As a result, you can filter this set and perform other aggregate operations over the set of members.
The Descendants can be used with any dimension, not only Issues, though in Jira issues cube, this is the most popular usage.

A tuple, from another point, is an address of value in the multidimensional cube. Similarly, as in excel, you would say you need the value from, e.g., column B, row 5, you use tuples to say which measure and with what other dimension context you wish to see.

There are two presentations you might find useful about these topics:

Lauma / support@eazybi.com

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