When an issue has sub issues, the new sprint will result in the loss of the old sprint issue report data

I encountered a problem that the statistics in the “sprint issue balance” report are not consistent with the JIRA data. So I did the tests:

I created a issue, which has two sub issues. When I assign the issue to “PRO003 sprint 11” to complete the sprint, the report is normal, as shown in the figure below:

Next, I create the sprint “PRO003 sprint 12”, assign the issue to it, and complete the sprint. At this time, the report loses the records “sprint issues completed” and “sprint issues committed” of “PRO003 sprint 11”, as shown in the figure below:

I need to know whether this is normal, because I think this phenomenon is unreasonable. It leads to the uncertainty of sprint issue statistics and cannot be consistent with JIRA data, such as the “sprint issue balance” report.


Hi @liii

It is very likely that you faced the limits of Jira in your report requirement.

The main problem is the lack of Sprint change history for issue sub-tasks in JIRA, as information from the issue change log is used to calculate Sprint scope measures.
Sub-task sprint change history is not saved in its changelog, and sub-tasks are always counted by their parent actual (last) sprint (except for the measure “Hours spent” which is specifically processes).

We have opened the issue in Atlassian support, but it was closed as duplicated. Original issue https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/GHS-11459 by Structure is not resolved yet.

At the moment, only rough workarounds are possible, but they could be very slow and complicated (it requires many iterations in MDX).

Ilze / support@eazybi.com