When getting Fix Version release dategetting 3922 year instead of 2022

I’m using dimension Fix Version, and trying to get fix version relese date:

But I’m getting 3922 year instead of 2022:

In jira it shows dates correctly:

How can I fix this to get release date properly and compare it to issue transition date to done?

If Jira Rest API returns the wrong year in the release date for versions, I would recommend reaching out to Atlassian Support to fix that. There could be some problems with the user profile or something.

But if you want to change the year just in eazyBI reports, you could use custom Javascript code in eazyBI import options to replace the 39 with 20 in the version release dates.

Try this script:

var fixversns = issue.fields.fixVersions
if(fixversns && fixversns.length > 0){
for (var i = 0; i< fixversns.length; i++)
var fvn = fixversns;
if(fvn.releaseDate && fvn.releaseDate.substring(0,2) == "39"){
fvn.releaseDate = "20"+ fvn.releaseDate.substring(2,10)

var affversns = issue.fields.versions
if(affversns && affversns.length > 0){
for (var j = 0; j< affversns.length; j++)
var affvn = affversns[j];
if(affvn.releaseDate && affvn.releaseDate.substring(0,2) == "39"){
affvn.releaseDate = "20"+ affvn.releaseDate.substring(2,10)

Martins / eazyBI support