When I Filter Time Dimension ,Problems that do not fall under this time are not hidden(API import issue)

“issue created” is normal ,but other rows didn’t hide,please check it out!

Import from REST API (eazybi.com)
This is Documentation’s source

Hi Yixin,

I see that your report relies mostly on the properties of the records. It retrieves the “summary” and “created at” timestamp for the current row.
The page filters work on the actual measures in the Measures dimension. Therefore, you see blanks appearing in the “issue created” column.

You might enable Nonempty on report rows to only display the rows that comply with the page filters.

An alternative is to filter visible rows and only display those with a value in “issue created”.
Please read more bout setting up that filter here - filter rows by measures.

Oskars / support@eazyBI.com

Hi, oskars
Thank you very much for your reply.“The page filters work on The actual measures in The Measures Dimension” helps me understand how filters work, which is very useful!