Where to learn MDX?

Hi team,

I want to learn MDX from scratch to advance. My current job role expects me to create complex calculated measures or functions in eazybi.
Is there any full course available.

Many thanks


Hi @simarpreet_singh

It is great you want to learn MDX to expand the possibilities of eazyBI!

While we do not provide any specific MDX training course, you may want to find presentations we have given on the most basic topics regarding MDX usage in eazyBI:
Training videos on specific topics (find several videos under Calculations with MDX)

Also, find our documentation with included examples and short videos: Calculated measures and members

You can always find examples of user-defined measures in the eazyBI demo account: Analyze - Jira Demo - eazyBI

Start creating your formulas and do not hesitate to contact support@eazybi.com if you feel stuck or need guidance there!

Ilze / support@eazybi.com

Great reply. Lots of good training stuff here.

I’ve often wished for a course that Simarprett is asking for too. Perhaps a course series of #1#20 where a very complex report or series of reports is built by the very end but we the users get to see those reports built and learn the lessons through the series of the course.

Food for though, thanks eazyBI.


HI @Brian

Thanks for the idea! We continue working on training materials and the ideas/feedback on what is missing are welcomed.

You may want to check out the documentation section Learn eazyBI through examples (and similar for Software sample reports). There is a description of how each report is built step by step, as well as a short summary of the used calculation formulas.

Ilze / support@eazybi.com

If you like to read books and want to get more information about MDX then a very good resource is Fast Track to MDX (by Mark Whitehorn, Robert Zare, Mosha Pasumansky). It uses a slightly different dialect of MDX language than eazyBI, but still, this is a really great resource to get a general understanding of how reports are created with MDX language.