Why are EazyBI's values different from equivalent JQL Query in JIRA?

I have a report that is based on the calculated measure of:

-- Closed SAs:

With Time set to July and Advisement Type set to show “Advisements”

That measure should return the same value as JIRA’s equivalent JQL query of:

Project = SA AND issuetype = Advisement AND(
  status CHANGED TO Cancelled DURING (2021-07-01, 2021-07-31)
  status CHANGED TO Approved DURING (2021-07-01, 2021-07-31)

Except EazyBI is reporting a total of 32 issues and JIRA is reporting 51 issues.

EazyBI Screen Shot

JIRA Screen Shot

I must be overlooking something in EazyBI.

Any suggestions or even better some idea why?


  • Leeland

The measure aggregates status members. It does not include any measure. If there is no any measure specified in the calculated measure eazyBI will use a default measure Issues created. In this case, the report shows issues created in a selected month in canceled or approved status.

Jira JQL query is based on status change activities in issues. eazyBI has three dimensions representing status and status changes:
Status shows the current status of issues.
Transition status shows the status of the issue as it was in any period back in time
Transition shows status changes from status => to status

If you would like to analyze when a particular status change happened in issues you would like to use historical measures and dimension Transition status or Transition for this.

I would suggest using a two-step approach:
Create a calculated member Closed SAS in Transition status dimension:

[Transition Status].[Cancelled],
[Transition Status].[Approved]

Then there are two options on how to use this:

  1. create a new calculation in Measures using this calculated member in a tuple with some historical measure, in this case, I would suggest Transitions to issues count:
([Measures].[Transitions to status issues count],
 [Transition Status].[Closed SAS]) -- address a calculated member in this formula
  1. Use the measure Transitions to issues count in the report and add the Transition status dimension to the report as well with those calculated members selected.

Daina / support@eazybi.com

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