Why does eazybi not display updated information after sync?

My JIRA project has a customfield “Epic Progress” is a ScriptRunner field that calculates the Epic completion percentage as per the status of epic related items and writes that percentage both to itself and to a custom numberfield to be used elsewhere ( like eazybi).

in JIRA I see this field being updated whenever an epic-related issue changes status, but in eazybi the value of this field does not change, it only changes when I do a full import of the cube.

Could someone explain to me why this happens and how can I solve it?

Information I find useful
In this cube, only Epic-type issues are imported (bringing all issues from all projects is too heavy).
I believe this is not the problem as Epic Progress is an Epic field and in JIRA I see the correct value when I run a simple JQL (Epic Name = XYZ)

eazyBI version

Jira version (Data Center)