Why "Drill through issues" is not working even if my measure is a numeric measures?


I have two metrics, they are exactly the same except one detail: one compare the situation of tasks between the due dates with respect to the baseline date (intern goal) and one compare the situation of tasks between the due dates with respect to the initial due date. In the first, I can reach issues and in the second one I cannot…

Do you know why?


The formula in the report in many cases work differently compared to the drill through issues.

When you use the option drill through issues the formula is applied to any imported issue in the report in two steps. In the first step, we will try to detect valid issues only. In the second step, we will execute the formula for each individual “valid” issue.

In some cases, drill through issues might lead to timeout or out-of-memory errors because the formula is applied to each individual issue. While working well in overview reports. Typically, it could be related to the complexity of the report or formula and many issues imported into the account. See more here on best practices for report creation if this is the problem.

No data or incomplete list of issues in drill through issues oftentimes is another case. This could be related to the first step - when eazyBI tries to identify valid issues. If the formula has a more complex formula it might cover a different set of issues compared to dimension selections used on Pages. You can add the special annotation to the formula to ignore the first validation step and apply the formula to any issue:

-- annotations.drill_through_non_empty=false
<your formula goes here>

eazyBI does not show issues with empty or 0 in results with drill through issues. It also might look as not correct data with drill through issues. We suggest using drill across and select issue dimension issue level if this is the case. Typically it might be needed for some percentages, for example, issues resolved %. The measure representing the percentage of work done will show issues that were done and will ignore the issues that are not done. Not done issues will have value either empty or 0 and you will not see them. We suggest using drill across issues to see them in the list.

Daina / support@eazybi.com