Why EazyBI is not importing all the issues from JIRA?

We are using EazyBI JIRA plugin get insight regarding our projects and recently we are facing this problem when importing data from JIRA to EazyBI. When imported EazyBI receives the only subset of the Issues we have in JIRA. Several projects are left out and only a few are synced.
We have configured JIRA as the source correctly and under the settings, we can see all the projects and they are all selected. But not all issues are synced. We’ve tried below methods as suggested in the docs but the problem still persists. Any help on how to get this fixed will be much appreciated.

  1. Delete all existing data and reimport.
  2. Re-index JIRA and re-import the data to EazyBI

We have recently added the Tempo plugin to JIRA, could this cause this problem?

Hi isurunix,

Usually, a Jira plugin shouldn’t affect the way eazyBI import issues. And the steps you undertook should have resolved the standard import problems.
You can try to go through the import setup one more time and look thoroughly if you don’t limit the import with the settings you apply. Our documentation could be of help https://docs.eazybi.com/display/EAZYBIJIRA/Jira+Issues+Import.

In some cases, the owner of eazyBI account doesn’t have access to some projects or issues in Jira. Hence the projects or issues are not imported. You can resolve that by resetting the authorization of the eazyBI account to a user with access to all of the projects and issues. More detailed information on how to do that https://docs.eazybi.com/eazybijira/data-import/jira-issues-import#JiraIssuesImport-Resetauthorization.

One other thing you could look in to is the data access roles. You can read more on that on our documentation page https://docs.eazybi.com/display/EAZYBIJIRA/Data+access+roles.

If none of this is helpful, please contact us at support@eazybi.com with a link to this community thread and some more detail:
Does the problem affect all of the users including the owner of the eazyBI account?
Did this problem occur before you added the Tempo plugin to Jira or after?

Robert / support@eazyBI

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