Why eazyBI made so complicated compared to powerBI

why eazyBI made so complicated compared to powerBI

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Any new tool seems complicated when you first start using it. However, with a bit of time and learning, you’ll understand the strengths and possibilities that eazyBI offers, especially in Jira data analysis :rocket:

I recommend watching a series of short training videos (5 to 12 minutes each) covering the main concepts, including eazyBI accounts and data import and how to build reports: Training videos.

Every month we host an introductory webinar , which includes a short demonstration of eazyBI and time for questions and answers. The next webinar is planned for 17 Aug 2023 . Please follow the link to register for the webinar here: Webinar Registration - Zoom.
If you can’t join the webinar, see the recording from the last session:
Getting Started with eazyBI

Let me know if you have any specific questions on eazyBI!

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could you share a new webinar link please?

Hi @gonchik

Sure thing!
The same link can be used to register for future webinars as well: Webinar Registration - Zoom.

The next one is planned for Nov 9th, 2023.

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