Why I could not find my custom field for source import

I created a custom field which indicates if a change request was ordered internally or by customer.
when I edit my source and try to add this custom field it actually does not show up.

what could be the reason for this?

many thx for your support,
cheers Mike

Hi @MikeM

Welcome back to our community!

There could be several possible causes why the custom field does not appear in your Custom field list.

  1. If it is a Jira custom field, then its type in eazyBI by default might not be recognized (there are list of all supported custom field types: Jira custom fields)
    Then you may want to add advanced settings to import this custom field: Advanced settings for custom fields

  2. This is a custom field from some Jira app eazyBI has integration with. Then you select this field (or the whole data set from the app) from the import options tab “Jira apps”: Data from Jira apps

  3. The user who authorized data import (see it in the Source Data tab) cannot access this field in Jira. Then either grant user access in Jira for this field or reset import authorization: Data from Jira

  4. If this field is your defined JavaScript calculated custom field, its settings probably need to be adjusted. Then, please, copy the field settings for further troubleshooting.

Ilze, support@eazybi.com