Why is a ticket status different between two reports?

I created 2 reports. One is ticket status week over week and the other is ticket status by assignee. The same 2 tickets appear on both reports, which is correct, but in one they show up as In Progress and To Do and in the other they show up as In Review and To Do. The correct statuses should be In Review and To Do. Why are they showing up differently and how can I get them to align? Thanks

Hello ShawnMcKay,
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It sounds like one of the reports is showing current data, but the other - issue change history.

Most likely status by the assignee shows current data and the dimension “Status” is used. This dimension shows the current status of the issue.

Report “status week over week”, however, sounds more like a historic report and I would suggest checking if the dimension that is used is “Transition status”, and the measure could be “Issues history” or “Days in transition status”. In this case “Transition status” will display all statuses the issue has transitioned through in the selected Time period.