Why is 'Issues Time to resolution breached' returning blank

I am new (very new) to eazyBI, so forgive me if I am missing something obvious.

I have created a report that is just a table for now, and lists (by month) Issues Created, Issues resolved, and ‘Issues Time to resolution Breached’. The latter field always returns blank, and is defined thus;

[Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.get(‘Time to resolution Breached’)

I think this will be a standard field, so I must be mis-interpreting this, or the data is just not there in the cube. I know that there are Issues that are breached, so expected something back.

Can anyone offer me some guidance please.


all measures starting with "Issue… " (found under Measures > Calculated members > Issue properties) are issue properties. Properties characterize a particular issue and they should not be used to get total values. The value of the property is displayed in the report only if Issue dimension Issue level is selected.

You mentioned that you have the report by months instead - it is why the property does not return any value.

Instead, you should use measure “Time to resolution Issues” combined with dimension “Time to resolution Breached” member “Breached”.

If you are eazyBI for Jira Cloud user, use already pre-created measure “Time to resolution - Breached” in the report (find it in Measures > Calculated members > Service Desk - Time to resolution section).

For Jira Server, measure “Time to resolution - Breached” will be available in the next eazyBI version.
Meanwhile, create this measure by yourself (in Measures dimension) with the following calculation (the construction is called a tuple):

 [Measures].[Time to resolution Issues],
 [Time to resolution Breached].[Breached]

and use it in the report.


Thank you for your answer, sorry I have been so late in responding.

I sort of understand this, but I am struggling to find some documentation that tells me all the measures in the cube, and what they mean. For example, what I want to achieve is a simple table of

Issue resolution that met SLA
Issue resolution that breached SLA (as you have shown above)

and from those

calculate a percentage.

What I cannot see documented is how to use the same ‘technique’ you have to find the Issue resolution that met SLA.

Can you offer a little more guidance please.