Work with issuetypes of different projects

My team works with two projects, the normal project and one for producction releases which is shared with a lot of people, and I know which are my issues because they have a custom field.
I would like to have metricst that add up the issues of my project plus the issues of that project.
Issues of project A + issues of project B that have customfield with my name.

Is this possible?

I am running into problems configuring it because in project A, the custom field is empty and in project B the custom field can be empty, with other teams names, or with my name. And I do not see how I can filter the issuetypes of project B


When you creat Source Data you need choose the two project.

If the custom field of project B exist only in project B and not in the projec A, you can go to the Additional Options tab and use a JQL query to filter only the issue of project b.

In JQL use customfieldAAA in (“option A”, “option B”)

This work for you?