Workdays in Status

I am completely new to eazyBI but I am hoping my request is not.

I would like to define a new measure to display the “workdays in status”. I have played around a bit with "average workdays in transition status- but this unfortunately does not give the time stamp of the current status the issue is on…

Ideally I want to see all the status the issue has transitioned to- in working days.

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Hi @jamaugu,

Workdays in transition status are calculated only for previous statuses as for those statuses is fixed date and time when issue left that transition status (

If you would like to count in also a time in the current status, then you might want to define a new calculated measure (in Measures) that sums up time in previous statuses and time in the current status. ​Please check out measure “Days in transition status till now” and its formula in eazyBI Demo account:

If you are looking for an issue age, then you might want to use another approach using interval dimension Age interval (
Check out an example in the Demo account:

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