Worked / billable hours from jira tempo timesheets add on

Hey there,
we are using tempo timesheets integration. I would like to get access to the worked vs. billable hours information from the worklogs.
How can I get the detailed data from my worklogs as measures? Do I need to use the REST API or is there an easier way using a formula?

Hi @Tomtom,

eazyBI has out of the box integration with Tempo Timesheets. The exact steps to select the Tempo Billable hours for import in eazyBI depend on several factors - are you running Jira Server or Cloud, what eazyBI version are you on and even the Tempo Timesheets version.

Please visit our documentation page on Tempo Timesheets and don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have -

Kind regards,
Roberts / eazyBI support

Hello Tomtom,

I have a requirement to generate a report from Jira which should fetch me following values in column:

Epic | Story | Sub-task | User | Time spent|

Basically, i want to know how much time my team members have spent on each sub-task on daily basis.
Can you let me know if it is possible?


Hi @m_alam,

I don’t recommend replying to old posts as you may receive no answer. Additionally, your follow up question does not entirely relate to the original one. In the future, create a new post.

To give you something to get started on, try using the Issue dimension “Epic” hierarchy and the Logged By dimension on rows with the measure “Hours spent”. The report could look similar to the one below:

Roberts //