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I am trying to figure out how to make a simple report, in tabular format, where using assignee as dimension I could list all the issues form where the current assignee dimension member had taken part in. Let me explain with an example:

Supposed that: usr John Doe has taken part in issue A-111 and A-123 but, the issue A-111 is current assigned to another user. I would like to have a tabular report with two rows as a result with one for each issue key reflecting John Doe’s participation as true contributor. It makes sense? But I do not know how to setting it.

I also need to have a page time dimension, of course, to have more control about this along the time but this is the easy part, no problem at all with that.

Do I need to make all tabular columns crafted with formulas on my own to sync values with the current dimension or it can be automatically be done in some way by EazyBI engine and I am not realizing about how to make it?

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Sure thing, you can use the “Transition to assignee” measure to see which issues have had your selected user as the Assignee. You can apply the “Filter rows” → “> 0” filter to this column and then remove it (the filter will still be active). This should provide you with a list of all issues where the selected user was the Assignee.

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Thank you very much for your explanation.

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