Worklog Import Dimension

We can see worklog in the JIRA Database and would like to have all of the fields imported.

  1. author
  2. issueid
  3. timeworked
  4. worklogbody

Then our reports could show the contributions by people who worked on the issue but are not the Assignee
We are not seeing anything but the Hours Spent dimension.
Guidance and suggestions welcome.

eazyBI imports worklogs by default. However, we did not have any sample reports on worklogs until just recently. With the version 6.0 we added several sample reports on Worklogs.

While we do not have Worklog dimension in the cube. You can use this report setup for the one you are looking for:

Logged by dimension stands for Author. You can use Issue dimension. Time dimension will represent the date of start date of a worklog. Measure Hours spent shows logged time. We do not have an option to add worklog comments directly to the report. However, you can use an option drill through worklgos for measure Hours spent to see details, including comments.

You can create even simpler report: use Time on Rows, dimension selection, for example, project on Pages, and measure Hours spent on Columns. Then you can drill through worklogs for a specific period and export all the details to Excel if needed.

If you are in any version before 6.0 you can check the sample reports setup in our demo account. We have old data there, therefore they might not show the real case. But you can export definitions and import into your account:

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Thanks Daina,
We are doing an upgrade to JIRA 8.8.0 this weekend and then we will install eazyBI. I am putting it in our QA this afternoon if there is time.
This sounds like good improvements for us.

We have 6.0 running in our QA environment and it is lovely.
Once we have 6.0 in Production I think there will be a lot of pleased Project Managers.