Wrong Status on Issue Childs

Hi All,

I created a simple report that for each issue shows on Columns:

1)Issue Status
2)Issue Type

and I added a Page filter for Status = only Completed issues.

The result, and my issue, is that it shows in output, all Uber Initiative in Completed Status, also if their child issues are not in completed, but with story all in completed.

I’d like to have as output (rows), only Uber Initiative in Completed Status, with all childs (Epic, Initiative, Story) in completed status.

My doubts is that he selected all Uber Initiative with all childs stories in Completed, regardless of status of Uber, Epic and Initiative. That is, if all stories are in completed, then it selects the issue. Can you confirm that?

In that case, how to obtain in output only uber in completed status and all with all childs in completed status?

Thanks in advance for your support.

Tullio Di Simone

Hi @tulliodisimone,

There are two reasons why the report does not work as you would expect.

  1. The measure is the core element of each report; it defines how dimensions are related to each other and the measure itself. You might want to add a measure to the report, for example, “Issues created”.

  2. The “Status” dimension groups and filters issues by their individual status regardless of related issue status.

To get only 100% completed Uber-Initiatives, you might want to define a new user defined measure in Measures. The calculation would return the completion rate of each issue based on the issue status and its child issues statuses.

CASE WHEN --issue on repro rows matcher report criteria
  [Measures].[Issues created] > 0
THEN --Completed issues divided by all child issues
  ([Measures].[Issues created],
  ([Measures].[Issues created],

Set measures formatting to Percentage % to see the completion percentage for each issue.
More details on calculated measures and formatting are described in the documentation: Calculated measures and members

If you would like to see only 100% completed issues, then filter rows by the new measure value (see also documentation: Order and filter rows by measure values).
Enter filter criteria = 100%.

Zane / support@eazyBI.com

Hi Zane,

thanks for your answer,

let me go into details and share my real issue.

I’m using the following measure: Hour Spent Completed (it is also an existing measure in new eazybi release)

[Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.Get(‘Closed at’),
([Measures].[Hours spent],[Time].CurrentHierarchy.DefaultMember)

This measure starts to cumulate hours spent sum when the issue is in completed.

My BIG ISSUE is reported in this post:

Could you help me? We are working on this issue from 2 months and we can not see the light at the end of the tunnel.