Xray-EazyBI data doesn't match

Hi all,

Me and my teammates created a chart on EazyBI using a dummy test plan from XRAY. However, the data about test cases doesn’t match (You can see the details in the screenshots). Could you tell me why this could be?


Hi @Esra_Yilmaz,

Analyzing Xray-specific measures by time, eazyBI considers execution started on and finished on dates for measures Xray Tests scheduled, Xray Test in execution, Xray Tests executed and other test runs related data. For example:

  • Scheduled tests have no dates for execution “Started On” and “Finished On.”
  • In execution test has only execution “Started On” date and no “Finished On” date.
  • And the completed tests have both execution dates “Started On” and “Finished On”

Please see the documentation where all Xray specific measures are described: Xray Test Management.

Zane / support@eazyBI.com