Xray - Test execution status per day

I would like to show on a daily basis the number of passed and failed Xray tests. Therefore I created new measures (Tests PASS, Tests FAIL, Tests TODO, Tests ABORTED). My analysis does work, but in case you run a test two times on same day and it fails one time and pass one time, this test is shown up in the red and green bar. (In case I run the multipel times with same result (3x Pass) it is only counted “1” in the green bar.

How do I need to modify my measures and analysis so that each day only the latest execution status of each test is been considered. (Similar like it is shown for example directly on a Jira testplan ticket?)

Many thanks

Example measure for PASS Xray Tests with executions

    Descendants([Xray Test Execution Status].CurrentMember,
      [Xray Test Execution Status].[Status]
    ([Measures].[Xray Tests executed]
    + [Measures].[Xray Tests scheduled]
    + [Measures].[Xray Tests executing] > 0) AND ([Xray Test Execution Status].CurrentMember.Name = 'PASS')
  [Measures].[Xray Tests executed]+ [Measures].[Xray Tests scheduled]+ [Measures].[Xray Tests executing]


This solution requires a redesigned report where the Status dimension is in the report columns or rows. The formula becomes much more complicated and less efficient. Please, check this community post for the hints of the solution: [Mesure Problem] Xray Test Count by Last Execution Status in Test Plan - #5 by zane.baranovska.

Janis, eazyBI support