Xray TestRunStatus Custom Field Import value changes


Sometimes Xray TestRunStatus custom field has wrong value. I found that if the value of the field changes from FAIL to PASS, it does not updated to eazyBI. I though that ‘Import value changes’ option can solve this problem. But Xray Custom fields configuratino does not allow this option to be enabled.

How can I track the value changes in custom field ‘TestRunStatus’?


The TestRunStatus custom field is a scripted field. eazyBI cannot import the history of the scripted fields. It may also happen that changes in this field are not imported with the incremental data import if the issue is not updated otherwise. You should provide the additional setting for the import of such field so that the incremental import would re-check all the values for this field:

check_calculated_value = true

Janis, eazyBI support