Xray Testset Exection Status over Time

Hi @all
i’m trying to get the following metric:

The sum of Xray Tests in a Testset over the time and the number of the issues in status FAIL, PASS, TODO at this time.
So that i can see the trend of my testset over the time.

Columns are: Time | Issues in Testset | Issues PASS | Issues FAIL | Issues TODO

Do you have any idea? I tried with some calculations but didn’t get the right solution.

Greetings Mirco

Hi @MircoGabriel,

For this report, you might want to use Xray specific dimensions and measures (here is documentation with more details: Xray Test Management).

You might start with this setup:

  1. Move “Time” dimension on report rows.
  2. Move “Xray Test Set” dimension on report pages to filter data by Test Set.
  3. Select measure “Xray Tests created” on columns to see how many tests are created for the test set on each day.
  4. Select measure “Xray Testss with executions” on columns to see how many tests are executed each day. Then click on the measure header and choose the option Drill into → Xray → Xray Test Execution Status to split tests by their statuses (more details on Drill into described here: Create reports).

The initial report might look like this:

Zane / support@eazyBI.com