9. Prediction reports

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My query is related to prediction, if any one can address the issues with example, it will be helpful.

*Prediction (Best case +10%, Worst Case - 10%, Likely)of Project end date based on the last 4 sprints data Vs remaining estimates for a project ( Currently JIRA has Version report like this.)

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Channu Muttal

You would like to have a calculated measure to retrieve velocity in sprints. I used a calculated measure Story Points Velocity 5 Sprints from our demo account for this:

    -- filter last 5 closed sprints for any Sprint selection
    -- for an individual sprint it will show it's completed points
      { [Sprint].CurrentHierarchyMemberā
         ChildrenSet([Sprint].CurrentHierarchyMember) },
        [Sprint].[Sprint] )
        -- only sprints with committed story points are retrieved
        [Sprint].CurrentMember.getBoolean('Closed') AND
        NOT IsEmpty([Sprint].CurrentMember.get('Complete date')) AND
        [Measures].[Sprint Story Points committed] > 0
      ), [Sprint].CurrentMember.get('Complete date') , BASC
    ), 5
  [Measures].[Sprint Story Points completed]

Then you can address sprint velocity when calculating prediction:
Here is an example formula to show a predicted line from today till the scope is resolved:

    [Measures].[Story Points resolved],
    -- predicted date
      -- remaining scope
        (([Measures].[Story Points due],
      -- current Sprint velocity
        ([Measures].[Story Points velocity 5 Sprints],
      -- workdays per sprint
        * 10))
  -- current progress
    [Measures].[Story Points resolved],
   -- add pace for each day in future
   (([Measures].[Story Points velocity 5 Sprints],
     -- workdays per sprint
     / 10 )
   -- add one of those two lines for additional scenarious
   -- * 1.10 -- for best case 
   -- * 0.90 -- for worst case

The formula above will plot the line from today till total points are reached, taking into account Sprint length in workdays - 10 working days (update 10 to any other workday length in the formula above).
It also includes two additional scenarios you can enable - the best case and the worst case. Please create separate measures: one for the best case and another one for the worst case and enable the line according to scenario (remove – from the beginning of the line to enable it). You can set % there as well: 1.10 and 0.90 stands for 10%.

Daina / support@eazybi.com

HI ,

I do not want a best case or worst case scenario , just a simple calculation on when the project can be ended based on the Story points due and the average velocity . Can you please help me with that ?