A sum over hours spent for distinct epics (*and* their sub/tasks), found by criteria which are just placed in the epics

Hey there,

I have searched the forum but could not find an answer to my question, related to eazyBI In combination wir jira, so I post it here, hoping for help.

I almost found it when I saw the posts on hierarchy over issues, related to epic links. But it is not really solving the issue.

the case:
say, the project is like the dev-branch, including several components and dev teams which we show as tempo teams.
We use epics in jira to document our requirements (all in the same project). so each epic is one requirement. “underneath” the epic there are tasks and subtasks.
All the specifying information for that certain requirement are documented in the epic (component, customer, billing options, management status information etc.).

The Problem: If I select for those information - I just find the epic - but I need the sums over the epic.

Let the Project be DEV
The Epic is DEV-001, component = Tool42, there are tasks in that epic
DEV-002 (task), DEV-003 (task), DEV-004 (subtask to DEV-004), DEV-005 (subtask to the epic)

Now, everything belongs to the epic, thus it belongs to component Tool42. But this information is not given in all the related tasks - we only keep it in the epic. We used excel so far for reporting :slight_smile:

My aim:
I want to select all the epics, that are dedicated for Tool42 and I want to see each of their hours spent, including the tasks “below”.

But If I filter for component Tool42 I just find the the epic, not the related tasks, and of course not their hours spent.

The hierarchy feature seemed to do the trick, and it works fine, basically! I can navigate to the epic and I find the sum. But as soon as I add the component dimension, only the epic holds the component Tool42. The underlying DEV-002 - DEV-005 have “no component” and are missing in my table. Filtering by “Logged by” does also not work, because the teams are not strictly bound to components.

Is there any chance that I missed something?
I need the sum over all epics for Tool42, including the tasks and subtasks.

please give me a hint.
Thank you…

We found a temporary solution. We created a custom field in Jira, using the plugin Scriptrunner by Adaptavist.

EazyBI supports the app. After extending the import for these calculated fields (which works nicely) we just use that field as a measure.

So - I am still Open for ideas, but there‘s no pressure anymore :slight_smile:

Hi @tz_ger ,

Welcome to the eazyBI community. I am sorry your post didn’t get any input sooner.

Your workaround with scripted fields is a good alternative. With eazyBI, you can create a similar solution by defining a new JavaScript calculated custom field that passes a custom field value from Epic down to its children.

You can see two such examples in the linked eazyBI community posts below:

You can find more details on JavaScript calculated custom fields here - JavaScript calculated custom fields.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding this.