Ability to customize table headings without creating new measures/members


It’d be great to be able to customize the titles of Measures/Dimensions, Calc Measures/Calc Members, in the report UI, without having to create another calculated member or measure just so that the right text appears in the report. Currently, we create a variety of calculated measures and members pointing to the same measures/members, just to display the right title for the metrics used in the report.


Hi @ekarra!

I hear you on this one! That would definitely be a helpful improvement. It has been discussed before and I added your vote to the backlog item.

Meanwhile, we are working on Report specific measures (this should be part of eazyBI version 6.1) which would help with creating the renamed measures only in the context of particular report.

Lauma / support@eazybi.com

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Great! Thank you very much, Lauma.

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