Report specific names for calculated or non calculated measures

I have many calculated measure that have the same logic as a delivered measure but the user wanted a different measure name on the report. For example, I have changed ‘issue history’ to "Open Issues’ in a new calculated measure.
It would be very helpful to have the ability to call the same calculated measure something different in many different reports.


eazyBI currently does not have an option to rename dimensions or measures used in the report, but we have an idea for this improvement, although without a clear estimate yet. I will add your vote to this improvement.

Meanwhile we suggest to use a workaround for measures what you already described - creating multiple calculated measures with the same logic but different names for different reports.

Gerda /

Hello Gerda,
That is what I currently do now. But as you can guess I have over 100+ user defined measures, some of which do the same thing but just named differently. I would like to be able to reduce the number of user defined measures.

I am also interested in this functionality.

In fact, having report-specific calculated measures would be useful for us in general. Sort of like the “Add Calculated” feature you guys added fairly recently, where those “Cumulative Sum” and “Linear Trend” members don’t exist outside that report.

We’ve been having this problem as well. And we did some testing to verify that creating calculated members to rename existing members, like “Issues created”, actually has a performance hit.

If we added some functionality to rename measures in the report, rather than as calculated members, it would improve performance.