Ability to Order the Transition status in a report

Have a report that shows Average Days in Status and want to order how the status are presented in the report

I have tried

[Transition Status].[Transition Status].Members,
[Transition Status].[Done],
[Transition Status].[Cancelled]

but only get a total not a list of the status

Hi @briantaylor,

You are on the right track. To order transition statuses, you can define a new calculated member using function Aggregate().
Your formula has a redundant line, which should be removed:

[Transition Status].[Transition Status].Members

For more details, see this topic and short instruction video How to change order of columns and rows in the report?

Zane / support@eazyBI.com


I have the following

[Transition Status].[Done],
[Transition Status].[Cancelled]

but still only get a single line not a list of just the aggregated issues

@briantaylor you see only one bar chart because you have not expanded the aggregated member “Transition Status Order” to see transition statues it is composed.

  1. Switch to the Table view
  2. Expand “Transition Status Order”
  3. Remove “Transition Status Order”
  4. Switch back to the Bar view.

On topic How to change order of columns and rows in the report? is a short GIF showing how to do this.

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