How to change order of columns and rows in the report?

In the report columns and rows, Measures are arranged in the same order as they were added to the report. In columns, you can change measure sequence at any time by dragging and dropping them.

The sequence of dimension members (statuses, issue types, sprints etc) is set automatically. To reorder them, use one of the following options.

  1. Bookmark dimension members and then add them to the report one by one in the needed order.

  2. Create a calculated member in this same dimension with correct member order, then use this calculated member in the report instead of All level member. Note this option works for reordering columns and for reordering rows when option “Nonempty” is not used.

If you chose the calculated member, then use the function Aggregate() and add members in the needed sequence. For example, to rearrange statuses based on the status workflow:

 [Status].[Selected for Development],
 [Status].[In Progress],

You can also order members by some property. For example, order Sprints by Sprint completion date:

  [Sprint].CurrentMember.get('Complete date'),

Check out this short instructional video on how to rearrange transition statuses based on the status workflow:

  1. Make sure the report does not have any other order enabled, for example, order by some column.

  2. Select only calculated member with ordered values for the report. In the report, click on the calculated member name and select this to ensure it is the only member from dimension.
    At this point, you should have one column for each measure if you order columns.

  3. In the report, expand the calculated member to get custom field values in the same order as you have listed them in the calculation.

  4. In the report, click on the calculated member name (one with the minus sign in front of it) and remove it from the report. The rest of the values will remain ordered.


How can we order by dimension “Issue”. If you wan to sort by issue summary when issue is in rows.
I used below script but this din’t sort.
[Issue].CurrentMember.Name, BASC


You can have alook to this post:

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Hello Ilze and EasyBI support team.
How can I order the issues DONE in the current sprint “Active sprint” and DONE in the past sprints?

 [Status].[Selected for Development],
 [Status].[In Progress],
 [Status].[Done] -- Active sprint --
 [Status].[Done] -- Past sprints --

Hello Zane,
Thanks for the video. I am trying to order a custom field called Milestone. I did everything like what you did but when I removed the top level ( where the minus was), the members reverted back to ordering by alphabetical. Any suggestions?

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Hello, I have the same problem. Could someone please respond?

Hi @yarumchuck and @Chuckcox12,

Unfortunately, row ordering is set back to default when option Nonempty is enabled. There is no convenient solution at this point as it is technically related to the Mondrian functionality.

In summary,

  • The column ordering with a calculated member is currently working fine.
  • The row ordering with a calculated member works when option Nonempty is disabled in the report.

Thank you for noticing! And I apologize for the trouble.

Zane /

With version 6.2. we import default fields Priorities and Statuses (including Transition status) based on the order of those values in Jira. You can order Priorities and Statuses in Jira and we will import this order into eazyBI.

Daina /