Ability to save multiple page configurations of the same report

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I find that I am often creating several different reports that are essentially the same except that they have different configurations for the page dimensions of the report.

e.g. burn-up report for project A w. component 1 selected, same report but w. component 2 selected.

This method creates additional work if there is a need to modify the report: instead of changing just one base report, I need to update multiple reports to keep them aligned.

I would like to have the following:

  • The ability to save a specific configuration of the page dimensions of a report under a certain name.
  • The ability to select a specific saved configuration of the page dimensions of a report when the report is included in an eazyBI dashboard or embedded in another page via URL.


  • The ability to save a specific page dimension configuration directly in an eazyBI dashboard.


I have the same need.
To do that, I don’t use the eazyBi dashboards. I use the Jira Dashboards. You can import the same report several times and then configure the pages of each imported report.

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Hello @chrispy35

Thank you for posting your question!

I suggest that you use Page filters for dashboards, as it allows you to apply a common filter for all reports on your dashboard: Create dashboards

Ludovic is also giving a good suggestion & my colleague has described both options in this community post: Managing standard reports for multiple teams

I hope this helps!

Marita // support@eazybi.com

Thanks Marita, I didn’t know about the page filters for dashboards. That covers the second case quite well.

I think there is still value in the first though especially for embedding eazyBI reports in external pages (e.g., Confluence) and if multiple configurations of a chart are desired in a single dashboard.