Ability to track activity logs of users making changes to the reports

There are many reports created on a daily basis to better track projects in eazyBI for reporting purpose.

Since the projects/accounts are visible to all users, there could be a possibility of users modifying the reports or accidentally making any changes.

Is there a way to identify who has made the changes to reports (changes like removing projects, importing, create reports, etc.,)?


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Hello @Swapan

Welcome to eazyBI community! Thank you for raising this point. Currently there is no such feature, but we have discussed it before (you can read about it here - It would be good to have a inbuilt version control / Report changes history with EazyBI repors 5) as well as added it to ideas in the eazyBI backlog.
I added your vote to the improvement and will update this community post once there is any news regarding it.

Best wishes,

Elita from support@eazybi.com

Thank you Elita! That would be a much needed feature.