Adding new calculated measure - SP at closing

Hi Guys,
I would like to get your help.
We’re trying to add a new calculated field for Total Story points for a sprint when issues are (Done, Post Release)

So I did:
[Measures].[Sprint SP at closing ],
[Status].[Done] or [Status].[Post Release]

and its NOT working.
can you help?


Hi @Arnon_Brouner ,

MDX doesn’t recognize or in such a construct. To retrieve the number of Story points from issues in the two statuses when the Sprint was closed, I recommend using the Transition Status dimension instead of the Status dimension. The first considers the historical status at the moment the Sprint was completed. The later the current issue status. Please see more details here - Import issue change history.

To consider the two mentioned statuses, define a calculated measure similar to the one discussed here - Difference in reports from Jira to Eazybi - #3 by martins.vanags.

Roberts //