Adding the total of certain values

I have a Custom field called Happiness on an initiative. It has a value from 1-10. I am looking for a way to show in a report how many 7’s I have in total across those initiatives, or say how many threes there are.

I am looking for a pointer as to where I should start? Aggregates? SumtoStr?

Further to that for some reason when I do an order by 10 is just after 1 and before 2.

in essence what i need is something that says
I have 5 issues with happiness score of 4
7 issues with happiness score of 8
etc etc

Hi @dschaffe

You may want to import the “Happiness” field as a dimension. This dimension would contain members 1,2,3…10 (and (none) for issues without this field ) and you would use this dimension together with the measure “Issues created” to get the number of issues with a respective happiness level.

By default, numeric fields can be imported as measures and properties, but, with additional advanced settings you may import the field as a dimension as well: Advanced settings for custom fields

See similar community threads on how to import numeric fields as a dimension (a typical example is “Story Points” field):