Number of issues with "x" story points


Is it possible to create a report that displays a count of issues with “x” story points in one or more sprints? for example, how many issues have 1 points, 3 points, 5 points, etc. within a sprint.

Thank you!

Hello Nicole,

The best solution for this would be to import Story points as a dimension. By default Story Points cannot be imported as a dimension; to change this, you should apply some advanced settings in eazyBI.
Go to advanced settings and add the following settings for the Story Points custom field:

data_type = "integer" 
measure = true 
dimension = true

where NNNNN is a custom field “Story Points” ID in Jira.

Then, go to import options and select the “Story Points” custom field to import as a dimension.

After the data import, you may find the Story Points dimension under Agile dimensions.

You can use this new Story point dimension and the ‘Sprint issues at closing’ measure to see how many issues are in each Story point group.

I created this chart:

Would you please let me know if you succeeded!

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Oskars /


Starting from eazyBI version 6.6., there is an easier way how to import “Story Points” as a dimension in a particular account: use custom fields import options (read in documentation: Custom field import options)
Notice, it allows you to re-define custom field import options in this particular account only (while Advanced settings described in the Oskars’ answer are applied to the whole eazyBI instance).

Go to import options, find “Story points” field in the General tab, Software Custom fields section, and click “Edit” in Advanced options column to open advanced settings for the field:

Select option “Dimension” to enable option to import this field as a dimension:

After saving settings, select “Story Points” field to be imported as a dimension, and perform data import.
After data import, you will get “Story Points” dimension in the report builder.