All sprints are not shown for a board

I’m creating a sprint velocity chart using the eazy BI sample report. When I select a particular board in the Sprint dimension, it does not show all the sprints belonging to the board. When I expand the selection under the board, I only see two sprints (future sprints) but not any of the old sprints. The velocity chart in Jira works OK so it shows the previous sprints. And the sprints have been created on that board in Jira as well.

If I search the sprints with sprint name in the Select individual members, I can see the sprints in the list but for some reason they don’t seem to appear under the board. If I select some other board, it works OK. The data is only from one project and the project has multiple boards.

Any ideas for the cause of this and how to resolve?

I noticed this with some other projects as well. Some sprints are there, some are not and there seems to be no logic.

For example, when I search and bookmark I can see this:

But when I go to the dropdown of sprint selection, it is missing

OK. Figured this out. This is due to how eazyBI handles sprints used in multiple boards. How can I see the board Name for value ‘Multiple boards’? - Questions & Answers - eazyBI Community

So I have to create calculated members to find all sprints with the sprint name.

This is the code I’m currently using:

Left([Sprint].CurrentMember.Name, 6) = “MDM PI” AND
[Sprint].CurrentHierarchyMember.GetBoolean(‘Closed’) AND
[Sprint].CurrentMember.get(‘End date’),
‘12 months ago’,
[Sprint].CurrentMember.GetDate(‘Start date’),
I tried to make this work so that it would take the five latest closed sprints based on sprint closing date but could not get it work, but this is OK for now.

But this also brings out an issue with using some of the standard measures like Running story points velocity of 5 closed sprints which does not work as it assumes that the sprints are in one board.
Is there a way to create a calculated measure that would utilise the calculated members to achieve the same result?