ALL status transition dates (not just first and last)

Currently the only Jira status transition dates available in eazyBI are the following:
-Transition to status first date
-Transition to status last date
-Transition from status first date
-Transition from status last date
As a result, if the same status transition occurs more than twice (as is often the case), we are not able to capture all the relevant dates, even though all these dates are available in Jira via the Transitions tab.
Is it possible to get all the status transition dates into eazyBI? We’d like them to help calculate the flow efficiency split by month.

Yes, you are correct. You can get the 2 transition dates per period correctly. However, you can switch to Day level and see activities per day. Unless you have 2 or fewer status changes to/from the same status you are good to go.

However, we would suggest using calculated JavaScript custom field for more complex scenarios with historical data entries.

We have some community posts on those topics. Here are some of those posts covering different scenarios:

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