Allow administrators to set up dashboard subscriptions that aren't tied to a particular user

We use the dashboard email subscriptions to get daily captures of our reports for historical purposes. Right now we have to do this by subscribing an individual user, which either ties up a Jira license with a service account or ties those reports to one of our administrators’ accounts (which can cause problems if they leave the team).

It would be nice if somewhere in the admin settings there was a similar screen to the existing Dashboard Email Subscriptions screen, except that it also accepts an email address to send the reports to.

Also, it would be nice if as administrators we could view a list of our users’ dashboard subscriptions. This would help us determine the popularity of our reports and which users are finding them helpful.

Hi @Joe,

Sorry for the late reply. We do have an improvement regarding this on our backlog. I added your vote to it. For now, you can have a look at this community post with some workaround suggestions - EazyBI, Dashboards & Subscriptions.

Roberts // eazyBI support