Average frequency of updating a ticket

How to calculate the average frequency of updating a ticket?
Filtering the updates only by users, disregarding jira automations.

This is to satisfy the condition:
“Priority “A” tickets must be updated at least every 7 days.”
“Priority “B” tickets must be updated at least every 14 days.”
And so on

Hi @Guilherme
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Can you please advise if you are on Cloud or Server? There is a solution that might work, if you are on Cloud (as we can access the full changelog history only in Cloud). By using MDX and finding the total days the ticket is open, the days could then be divided by the number of updates made (solution described here Count User interaction with Issue - #2 by Daniel_Luevano)

Please advise if you are on Cloud or Server.

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Elita from support@eazybi.com

Hi Elita, thanks for the help.

I’m on Cloud.
I’ve read the post you linked, it says:
“1. In advanced settings, add the definition of new JavaScript calculated measure “Activity history”.”

The problem is that I could find the “advanced settings”, maybe I don’tt have access to it.

@Guilherme ,
Those settings are available only to Jira admins, you need to contact them to get this solution to your eazyBI advanced settings: Advanced settings for custom fields