Calculate story points within a given sprint

Looking for help with a calculated member to solve this problem.

In our Jira project issues have a custom field called Story points, and each issue is assigned to one or more sprints. I want to create a report that, for each sprint, calculates the sum of story points for all issues that are assigned to that sprint as their latest sprint.

For example, if issue X is assigned to sprint 1, 2 and 3, I want the story points from issue X to be added to the cell for sprint 3 only. If issue Y is assigned to sprint 2, 3 and 4, I want the story points from issue Y to be added to the cell for sprint 4 only. Etc.

Sprints can be ordered by their start or end date. If a sprint doesn’t have dates yet, it’s in the future. The report does only need to show closed or active sprints.

What should the code for such a calculated member look like?

Hi @ProjectMF,

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Please start finding the right calculations to your use-case by reading about sprint scope measures and integration with Jira Software

Some measures like “Issues created”, “Issues resolved” and “Story points created” etc. would show results only for the current Sprint of an issue and not for historical sprints.

And then there are more focused pre-defined measures that are meant for single Sprint analysis (“Sprint issues completed”, “Sprint issues commited” “Sprint issues added” etc. and similarly for Story point calculations)

Please also explore our demo account with multiple report examples on Sprint scope analysis.

Martins / eazyBI team