Calculating monthly % of support tickets breaching priority-based SLAs

Our success metric this quarter is <30% of total tickets open longer than the priority-based resolution SLA per month (1-critical = 3 hours, 2-High = 3 days, 3-Medium=5 days);
Q3, the success metric is <15%;
Q4, the metric is <10%.

I’m trying to create a monthly summary that indicates both whether we met our monthly target, and what % of total support tickets were resolved outside of the priority-based SLA. Please let me know if additional information is needed!

Hi @Mollie,

First, You might want to count how many issues were resolved within the priority-base SLA in each period. Create a calculated measure (in Measures) to check on each resolved issue and compare issue resolution time to the SLA target for priority.

  --set of issues resolved in period
    --iterate through individual issues and check the resolution date
      [Issue].CurrentMember.Get('Resolved at'),
  --numeric expression to compare resolution time with target
    --write the condition for each priority
    ([Measures].[Issue priority] = "1-Critical" AND 
    [Measures].[Total resolution days] < 0.125) --3h is 0.125 of the whole day
    ([Measures].[Issue priority] = "2-High" AND 
    [Measures].[Total resolution days] < 3)
    ([Measures].[Issue priority] = "3-Medium" AND 
    [Measures].[Total resolution days] < 5)
    THEN 1

Now you can use this measure for further calculations. For example, using subtraction of the measure “Issues resolved” and the newly calculated measure to get how many issues were resolved outside of the set time box. Or divide the newly calculated measure by “Issue created” or"issue resolved" to get the percentage of success in a period.

More details on calcauted measures and how to perform arithmetical operations to get percentages are here: Calculated measures.

When calculations are created, use conditional cell formatting to highlight the good and bad results. See this community post for several use cases examples:

Zane /

Success! Thanks so much!