Calculation of a measurement with only 1 element of a dimension

I am new to eazybi.

How to calculate a measurement by fixing on an element of the dimension?

Example: I want to calculate issue history. My dimension includes 2 values ​​(A and B). Which method to use to have the issue history measure with the value on dimension A only in my table?

Hi @Nanangoran,

First, import the change history for this custom field. Please see the documentation on how to do this: Import issue change history.

When custom field value changes are imported, then you can move forward to the report.

If you would like to run a report only for one value option, then there is no need to make the calculation. You can do this by selecting a desired value for the report.

  1. In the dimension Search and bookmark value you would like to use in the report and select it.
  2. Move the dimension on report columns or pages.
  3. Select measures “Issues history” on report columns
  4. move the “Time” dimension on report rows and pages (for filtering) to see the issue count with the selected value in each period.

Here are other Community topics on analyzing custom field changes:

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